About Us


If you believe, like us, that polyester, rayon, nylon  are the mutant villain of fashion then we are on the same page. Welcome. 

A Silk Celebration

At Silk Ilk we celebrate silk. This clever invention from the humble silk moth has helped create the most glamorous attire since humans decided naked was not enough. Silk is a keeper. Silk is timeless and thrilling to wear, it can feel as natural as our own skin. It breathes, it swings and ripples when we walk or when the wind catches it. 

End of Run Printed Silk

At Silk Ilk we find interesting end-of-run silks and make them into classic sleepwear and daywear. That's why you'll see a wide and wild array of prints. From muted florals to bold geometrics, mind-bending paisleys and sanguine spots, if you like a printed silk at Silk Ilk, once it’s sold you won’t see it again. We're not trying to make you buy something you don’t need, just enjoy something that will never be mass produced. 

About Silk

We love silk.  Its feel, its luxuriant, its light, its breathable and provides the most elegant silhouette.  It is one of the oldest known fabrics although not quite as old as linen.  Silk dates back to about 3000BCE.  And from that time it was treated as precious and became more valued than gold back then.  Silk is the product of the silk moth and its relative the silk worm.  Its a natural and not man made fiber.  The silk worm feeds on the mulberry leaves.  Mulberry trees are mostly grown on farms of individual mulberry tree farmers so when buying silk fabric you are supporting mulberry tree farmers.  The fact that humans and not machines are the important part of silk production is one of the reasons that silk fabric is more expensive than man-made fabrics such as polyester, rayon, nylon, Cupro and Lyocell.    The smooth surface and protein structure of silk means that it creates vibrant and shimmering prints and intense solid colours when dye is applied.  We can't think of anywhere your silk is not appropriate. It instantly lifts an ordinary day into radiance. 

Silk Immersion not silk fashion

While we celebrate silk, we have not joined the cult of fashion. What we wear is not a religion, it won’t bring you spiritual healing and it can’t solve an existential crisis. So while we love silk, our product descriptions are our way of showing respect for the effort that goes into creating this exquisite experience. When we say a particular print should ideally be worn while “solving IQ puzzles while propped on throw pillows”, that is our way of saying this print is special and far from mundane and that we are sure that you can come up with your own special reason why this is the print you must have.  

Stay Tuned

We'll be updating our range regularly. Stay tuned for the introduction of new styles including long and short pajamas, shorts , long trousers, shirts and tunics. And of course you'll find new prints on high rotation. Sign up to our newsletter to see the latest pieces before they hit the online store.