Caring for your Silk Garment

About Silk

Silk is a natural fibre spun from the labour of sweet moths. Like it's origins, it is delicate and would prefer a calm life. For this reason keep you silk away from tempestuous situations like hot water, hairdryers, hot irons, violent washing machine cycles and do not expose your beloved silk to the direct sun. Over time, especially if you wash it, your silk garment will wear and acquire a patina full of character and love. Don't fret if you vivid prints take on a subtle maturity. Unlike polyester, silk evolves with wear.  

Hand wash Your silk garment will love a bath by hand. Place in a tub or sink with cold water, and add wool wash. For best results, coo and hum quietly as you swirl your garment in the cool waters. Squeeze out gently and dry in the shade.
Machine Wash For all those women with more on their minds than pre-machine-age domesticity, your silk item is fine in the washing machine. Choose the gentle cycle, cold wash, non spin and use wool wash. Drip dry or spin on a low revolution. Alternatively try the towel method. 
Towel roll to reduce moisture Whether you hand wash or machine wash, once the wash is complete, like a puppy, roll the item in a towel to reduce moisture before hanging or laying flat. 
Drying process Silk dries quickly, which is why we think silk is an essential travel piece. A soft gentle breeze or the extractor fan in your hotel bathroom will dry your silk. 
Dry clean Silk Ilk products do not need to be dry cleaned but you can dry clean any of our items. But if funds and time are in short supply, try any of the other washing methods. 
Pressing ironing & steaming If you hang your silk item while it's drying you may not need to iron it. But if you like a crisper finish, a steamer is the ultimate way to de-crease your silk. Hold the steam applicator a respectful distance away from the fabric. Steaming is quicker and more effective than other means and reduces the risk or fabric burn. When using the iron choose the silk setting. 
Oil based creams & lotions Oil will mark your silk. Avoid applying face or body products while, or immediately before, wearing your silk. To remove an oil stain lie the item flat and apply cornstarch to the stain.  Leave the item with the powder for at least 2 hours and then brush away from the stain. If this does not work repeat or consider dry cleaning.