Cookie Policy

This policy explains how Silk Ilk uses cookies on our online services, why we use them and how you can opt out.

Types of Cookies

 Website Functionality - some cookies are important to ensure that you can use the features of our site such as the shopping cart.

Analytics - cookies are used to analyse how you and other customers use our website or other platforms.  An example is which pages you visit and how long you may spend on a page.

Personal preferences - cookies are used to record some information that is personal to you for example your user name, your location.  These cookies are intended to improve your experience when using the website or other platforms.

Social sharing - our website contains links to instagram, facebook and other social media sites so you can share content from our site on those other social media sites.

Advertising - information may be collected about you to be used in setting third party advertising where you will see advertisements about Silk Ilk on other web sites you visit.  

Third party cookies When you visit our online store there may be cookies that are stored on your computer by third parties who are providing a business service to Silk Ilk.  These third party cookies are used for purposes such as assisting with user and visitor information and statistics.
Opting out

Managing cookies including deleting cookies can usually be managed through your internet browser.  A useful source of information about cookies can be found at  

Please note that deleting cookies may effect how you access our online store and your interactions with the store.