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Our First Video

Our First Video

We appealed to our group of creative friends and contacts to help shoot our first set of videos for Silk Ilk. Not just video with nice soundtrack and pretty girls (and of course we will be posting some of those on our site in the future) but we wanted to celebrate our love of silk with something more thoughtful.

So Silk Ilk’s first video is a homage to this amazing fabric, originating millennia ago to be worn by royalty, challenged but never completely displaced by polyester, and uplifting to wear no matter how old the piece.

Meg Carlsen, a university friend and an arts documentary maker was the director, producer and art director. She commandeered a cinematographer Brendan Shambrook and assistant Mick Smith, who both had amazing credentials, and are normally way beyond the budget of a startup like us. And in the mix was a young stylist and graphic designer Stephanie Antill, who put together silk pieces from the range in combinations we had never considered. She also mustered a clever array of props which required an early morning run to the flower market. Meg’s house, which also happens to be the most stylish Airbnb in Brisbane, was our set.
Our makeup artist Gemma Elaine brought her pretty pup for some bed shots, and I multitasked as scriptwriter, caterer and general dog’s body. Meanwhile Sabine Bannard, our lovely photographer, was on hand to snap the shoot. The editing was done by bright young thing Felix Cehak who also composed the subtle and perfect soundtrack.

We draped the models, Courtney Varley, Tullia Rohrsheim, and Kierna Kerr in our silk, asking them to look, in turns, serene, sensual, playful, wistful. It was a long day of shooting. 

The result is a dreamy mix of moving images, shot with the very best of cameras, manned by excellent crew, and a set that is worthy of an interior’s blog. They turned a product we were already proud of into something even lovelier. And stay tuned for more videos we will be releasing later.


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