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The Many Reasons to Love Love Love Silk Crepe

The Many Reasons to Love Love Love Silk Crepe

Silk Crepe, it's not shiny like silk charmeuse or habutai but it has a crisp feel creating its own sense of self confidence know it is a luxury silk fabric but it's a secret for know it's silk but not everyone else will know. 

Silk Crepe is durable, the texture of silk crepe is more complex than its shiny cousins charmeuse and habutai but that means that it lives longer and the intensity and vibrance of the print and colour remains wash after wash after wash.  

You might love silk because it is an environmentally friendly fabric, the product of the very smart silk moth.   You might love silk because it has been around for centuries and is regarded as a luxury fabric across the world.  You might love silk because it is  the most comfortable fabric to wear so cool in summer and toasty warm in winter.  We love silk because no amount of human effort or endeavour has created anything to compete with the luxurious range of fabrics created by the silk moth.  You might love silk for all of these reasons.

Our Silk Crepe garments include Leta Robe, Althea Slip, Cora Robe and Slip and Selma Short Pyjamas.  The image is Selma.  We have Selma Short Pyjamas. We could only obtain a small amount of Selma fabric, so  Selma only comes in size S and size M and we only have 1 of each size.  

We purchase end of run silk fabrics and make then into sleep wear and street wear we hope you will love.  You won't love every print we use but you will find prints and plains to love.

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